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PCNL and Ureteroscopy Masterclass Amsterdam 2010 - //

PCNL and Ureteroscopy Masterclass 2010

A new Endourology Workshop in the AMC Hospital in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
March 25 _ 26 th 2010
Course Director: Prof. Jean De La Rosette.
Course Faculty: Dr. Gaspar Ibarluzea & Professor Olivier Traxer.
Supported by: Boston Scientific.

PCNL prone and supine tecniques focusing on anatomy, patient positioning, access techniques utilising fluoroscopy and ultrasounds.
Flexible and rigid ureteroscopy techniques, laser lithotripsy, tips & tricks.

Five Live Surgerys were done:
Two Complex Endourological procedures with simultaneous access in supine position by Dr Gaspar Ibarluzea in the anterograde access and Dr, Taxer and De la Rosette in the transurethral access.
Professor Jean De la Rosette did a PCNL in prone position and Olivier Taxer did two flex Ureteroscopys.

Urologist in the Masterclass:
From Denmark: Mathias Franke; Lene Rytter; Svend Fulsvig; Allan Ryhammer; Lene Foss and Lise Meller.
From Sweden: Mata Dimberg and sarab Shabo.
From Finland: Sussana Hirsimaki and Teemo Joutsl.
From Norway: Stein Overby and Arvid Vand der Hagen.
From KSA: Ibrahin Ghalylnl; Mohamad Al Ghazo; Nasser Albogami and Abdullah Al Ghamdi.
From Turkey: Akif Diri and Tansu Degirmenci.